A Nov. 14 story,

Generics Tasting Their Own Bitter Medicine, incorrectly said

Watson Pharmaceuticals

(WPI:NYSE) was exiting the generic drug business. In fact, Watson is de-emphasizing its generics business and focusing on company-developed drugs.

(corrected Nov. 14)

The Nov. 12 Tech Savvy column,

All in the Family: Hewlett-Packard Deal on Life Support, incorrectly identified Walter Hewlett as Bill Packard's son. In fact, Walter Hewlett is Bill Hewlett's son. (

corrected Nov. 14


The Nov. 8 TaskMaster column,

Heading Higher, Markets Pause for a Breather, incorrectly reported the Philadelphia Stock Exchange Semiconductor index is market-cap weighted. It is price-weighted. The same column incorrectly reported

Advanced Micro Devices

(AMD:NYSE) fell 1.1% on Nov. 8; it actually fell 8.3%. (

corrected Nov. 12