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One by one, bull markets resurface. This time it's the agricultural bull market, which had been dormant for a couple of weeks.

I always find the rhythm of these things to be amazing.





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are right back as if there was nothing ever wrong, as if it was just speculators who'd been blown out.

Yet there's very little rhyme or reason to it. These stocks were awful the last four days; now they're great. None has valuation underpinnings to prevent further declines. They're simply loved stocks that got unloved for awhile.

Here's what I think is going on: The momentum buyers step aside in a downturn. But as soon as the downturn looks like it's over, they come right back to their fave stories. It's very hard to game, but it is worth remembering what the other non-GDP bull markets are: defense and aerospace. These have been terrific and, judging by the ag cohort, they too are ready to roll.

Random musings:

A strong opening and then they fade it. But I would be hard-pressed to believe that they can knock it back to not being up at all. Good level to pick.

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