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The May 10 Buysider column,

A Sale Could Enhance Enhance, repeatedly misrepresented the name of

Enhance Financial Services

(EFS:NYSE) as "Enhanced Financial Services." (

corrected May 11


The May 10 Herb's Hotline column,

Icahn's Foray Into J.C. Penney and Nosing Around Nordstrom, incorrectly said an analyst works at Cowen & Co. In fact, the analyst works at

SG Cowen


(corrected May 11)

A May 10 story,

Too Much of a Good Thing: Motorola Hit Hard by Component Shortage, incorrectly stated that


(NOK:NYSE ADR) sold $15 million worth of cell phones in 1996 and $78.5 million worth last year. In fact, the company sold 15 million cell phone units in 1996 and 78.5 million units in 1999.

The same article misstated wireless-unit results at


(MOT:NYSE). First-quarter wireless-unit operating profit fell to $49 million from $83 million a year ago, while revenue rose to $3.2 billion. As originally published, the article mistakenly implied that the operating-profit figure applied to the entire company and that revenue at the wireless unit was $200 million. (

corrected May 11


The May 9 SiliconStreet column,

The Mood of the H&Q Conference? It's the Mood of the Market, incorrectly identified a Behrend College at Penn State-Erie associate professor as Susan Dale. In fact, she is Sharon Dale.

(corrected May 10)

A May 5 column,

Mixed Signals, had some incorrect headings in the table titled "Head Fake: Companies Where Insiders Are Buying -- But Where Companies are Lending Them Money." The headings should read, from left to right: Company, Date of Purchases, # of Insiders Buying, # of Shares Bought.

(corrected May 9)

The May 8

Analyst Actions incorrectly said

Credit Suisse First Boston

set a price target of 27 on


(CORI:Nasdaq). In fact, the price target was 37. Also, the story's headline included the ticker symbol for


(TIF:NYSE), but the news on Tiffany was omitted from the story.

Chase Hambrecht & Quist

upgraded Tiffany to strong buy from buy and maintained a price target of 100.

(corrected May 8)

A May 8 story,

George Bell Named Excite@Home Chairman, incorrectly stated that the cable companies

Cox Communications

(COX:NYSE) and


(CMCSK:Nasdaq) currently plan to rescind their exclusivity arrangements with


(ATHM:Nasdaq). In fact, the contractual arrangements end in June 2002, and no formal plans have been made.

(corrected May 8)