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May 24-30

<I>TSC</I> corrects its mistakes.
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A May 28 Tech Stock Update,

Net Stocks Begin Slow Preholiday Climb, misspelled the name of an investment advisory company. The name of the firm is

Kopp Investment Advisors

, not

Kjoop Investment Advisors


(corrected May 28)

A May 28 Bond Focus,

Bonds Up but Low Volume Distorting Picture, incorrectly said that


reported that Treasury bond market volume was 25% of the usual for a second-quarter Friday. In fact, it was 25% less than usual. (

corrected May 28


Charts in two stories, May 26's

Internet Heavyweights Fall the Hardest and May 27's

Cisco, Lucent Offer Shelter From Net-Sector Storm, purported to show the performance of various stocks against

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index, whose symbol is DOT. Instead the charts showed the performance of the stocks against the

American Stock Exchange Inter@ctive Week Internet Index

, whose symbol is IIX. The correct charts have since been substituted. (

corrected May 27


The May 25 story

One for the Books: Fireworks Fizzle at IPO miscalculated the correct market capitalization for the newly public company. At the time the story was posted, the company's market cap was $3.2 billion, not $575 million as originally reported. The 25 million shares sold in the IPO represent only 17.9% of, which has the equivalent of 140 million shares outstanding, according to its SEC filing.

Barnes & Noble

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own the rest of through a separate class of shares.

(corrected May 26)

The May 25 Global Briefing,

U.S. Selloff Stokes Broad-Based Retreat, mistakenly reported that a new U.S. accounting rule requiring companies to report the fair market value of derivatives on their balance sheets will go into effect for fiscal years beginning June 15. But last week the

Financial Standards Accounting Board

voted to delay the implementation of that measure for a year. (

corrected May 25


The May 24 Evening Update, IPO Priced Top-Range at $18 a Share, erroneously compared

Value Vision's


first-quarter operating earnings of 2 cents a share to the single-analyst First Call estimate of 20 cents. In fact, the article should have compared Value Vision's net earnings of 22 cents to the estimate. According to the proper comparison, the results beat the estimate by 2 cents. (

corrected May 25


The May 24 story

Everything Must Go ... Online: The Battle for Christmas Shoppers Will Be Hard Fought failed to make clear that the lawsuits between


(WMT) - Get Walmart Inc. Report


(AMZN) - Get Inc. Report

have been settled. It now does so.

(corrected May 24)

The May 24 James J. Cramer column

Sinking the Flagship misspelled the name of the chairman of



. It is Ted Waitt, not Ted Waite.

(corrected May 24)