A May 23 Herb's Hotline column,

Gateway's Confusing Conference Call, incorrectly said that Salton's (SFP: NYSE) junk bond covenants ban the payment of a dividend. In fact, the junk bond covenants carry restrictions in regard to the payment of a dividend.

(corrected May 27.)

The May 23

Stocks to Watch incorrectly referred to


(RSYS:Nasdaq) as Radiosys. (

corrected May 26


The May 25

Stocks to Watch incorrectly reported that

Tommy Hilfiger

(TOM:NYSE) missed analyst estimates. In fact, the earnings per share of 37 cents beat the 18-analyst estimate of 35 cents. (

corrected May 25


The May 24 Evening Update,

Agile, Firepond Report Earnings; Congress Passes China Accord, incorrectly reported that


(GTHR:Nasdaq) reported a first-quarter loss of 18 cents a share, wider than the four-analyst estimate of a 28-cent loss but in line with the year-ago 19 cent loss. In fact, the 18-cent loss was narrower than the consensus estimate. Also,


(FIRE:Nasdaq) name was misspelled in the story. (

corrected May 25


The May 20


Options Forum,

The Temptation of Options, referring to a fictitious ZZZ option with a 50 strike price, incorrectly said: "If the call option is exercised at 57, the seller has to come up with the stock that the investor is exercising his right to buy. The call seller would then, if he or she doesn't have the stock on hand, go into the open market and buy it for 57 a share. So the call seller must say goodbye to that $300 premium and be on the hook for $5,700, the cost of the stock to go to the call buyer. Subtract the $300 premium collected for selling the contract and the investor is down $5,400 total."

In fact, the most the seller of the call option would lose would be $400, because the investor would collect $5,000 for the stock he or she was delivering from the person buying the option contract and the call writer would still have the $300 premium. (

corrected May 25


A May 23 story,

Battered Guidant Could Revive With New Pacemaker, misspelled the name of a


analyst. He is David Lothson, not David Lawson. (

corrected May 24


Due to an editing error, the May 24 Daily Chartist column,

Heading South on a Sentimental Journey, mistakenly implied that some tech investors believe


(CDMA:OTC BB) will become a hot stock. In fact, the sentence was meant to suggest that some tech investors believe


(QCOM:Nasdaq) code division multiple access technology, known as CDMA, will become the pre-eminent wireless telecommunications technology. (

corrected May 24


Due to an editing error, the May 23 Risk Arb column,

How Much Is the Real Terra-Lycos Spread?, mistakenly said information on the




(LCOS:Nasdaq) merger agreement was filed with regulators on form DEF-14A. In fact, details of the agreement were filed on form 8-K, which is used to report material corporate events. (

corrected May 24


The May 19 Evening Update,

Performance Technologies Issues Warning, incorrectly reported the ticker symbol of


(ATVI:Nasdaq) as ACTI, the symbol for


(ACTI:Nasdaq ADR). (

corrected May 24