A May 10 story,

Too Much of a Good Thing: Motorola Hit Hard by Component Shortage, incorrectly stated that

Merrill Lynch



(SLR:NYSE) public last year. In fact, Merrill Lynch took Solectron public in 1989 and did a secondary offering for the company last year. (

corrected May 19


The May 16 Dear Dagen column,

Non-Index Exchange-Traded Funds on the Horizon, incorrectly said the

Morgan Stanley High Tech 35

index is known as the MOX. The

Morgan Stanley Internet

index is known as the MOX, and it should have been included on the list of indices that will be tracked by new exchange-traded index funds soon to be introduced by

State Street Global Advisors

. (

corrected May 19


A May 19 Tech Savvy column,

Chasing the 'Bandwidth Glut' Bogeyman ... Under the Sea, incorrectly reported that George Gilder was among those who argued that a bandwidth glut will emerge. In fact, he is not.

(corrected May 19)

A May 17 story,

North-of-the-Border Publishing Giants Getting Cold Feet, reported that

Hollinger International's

(HLR:NYSE) EPS this year will be down 76% compared with 1999. The figure didn't exclude one-time nonrecurring items. Excluding those items, the decrease is expected to be 6%.

(corrected May 19)

The May 19

Wake-up Call incorrectly reported that indices in South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan ended their sessions lower overnight. In fact, they all ended higher.

(corrected May 19)

A May 18 story,

Barnes & Noble Books a First-Quarter Loss, incorrectly reported that the company's first-quarter loss, of 6 cents a share, fell short of analysts' forecasts. In fact,

Barnes & Noble

(BKS:NYSE) broke even on a pro forma basis, excluding a loss at its

Barnes & Noble.com

(BNBN:Nasdaq) unit. Analysts had been expecting a pro forma loss of 2 cents a share, according to

First Call/Thomson Financial

. (

corrected May 18


The May 17 Herb on TheStreet column,

How Amazon Booked 'Air' Last Quarter, misidentified a character from the

Beverly Hillbillies

. The character's name was Jethro Bodine, not Jethro Clampett. (

corrected May 17


A May 15 story,

Ex-Microsoft Employee Publicizes a Potential Security Flaw, misspelled the first name of a former


(MSFT:Nasdaq) employee. He is Bennett Haselton, not Bennet Haselton.

(corrected May 16)

A May 9 Adam Lashinsky column,

The Mood of the H&Q Conference? It's the Mood of the Market, published a letter from a reader that incorrectly suggested


(TYC:NYSE) and


(NITE:Nasdaq) have experienced declining earnings. In fact, the earnings of neither company have declined.

(corrected May 15)

A May 13 Andrew Morse column,

Bubble Economics: Does Japan of 1990 Sound Familiar? , misspelled the name of a Loomis Sayles International Equity fund portfolio manager. He is Alexander Muromcew, not Murmocew.

(corrected May 15)

A May 9 chat transcript,

Chatting the Night Away, mistakenly said that the transcript was unedited. In fact, it was edited.

(corrected May 15)