A March 11 column,

Warren Buffett's Shareholder Letter, incorrectly said

Berkshire Hathaway

(BRK.A: NYSE) acquired

General Re

in 1999. In fact, Berkshire acquired General Re in 1998. (

corrected March 11


The March 9 Herb on TheStreet column,

Is Eastman Kodak the Ultimate Old Economy Stock?, misstated the period for

Transaction Systems Architects'

(TSAI:Nasdaq) earnings report. The cited report covered the first quarter, not the fourth. (

corrected March 10


The March 7 Evening Update,

Microsoft Said to Hint at Settlement Opportunity, and the March 8 Nothing but Net,

Net Sector Pops, Then Drops as Tuesday's Debacle Is Not Forgotten, reported that

Engage Technologies'

(ENGA:Nasdaq) second-quarter loss of 52 cents a share was wider than the six-analyst expected loss of 49 cents from

First Call/Thomson Financial

. According to the revised First Call estimate of a loss of 58 cents from five analysts, Engage actually beat estimates. (

corrected March 9


A March 9 story,

Speculation Flies About Raising the Margin Requirements, incorrectly reported that there is currently $243 million in debit balances in margin accounts. In fact, there is $243 billion. (

corrected March 9


A March 7 Tech Savvy column,

The 802.11B Vision: Not-So-Local Local Area Networking, Sans Wires,


(AIRO: Nasdaq) was incorrectly identified as the supplier of wireless networking components for


(APPL:Nasdaq) iMac and other current models.


(LU:NYSE) provides that technology to Apple.

(corrected March 9)

A March 7 Buysider column,

The Stocks vs. Funds Debate Goes to the Net, incorrectly identified online broker


(EGRP:Nasdaq) as the firm running the popular "Stuart" commercials. Stuart appears in commercials for its rival



(corrected March 8)

A March 6 James J. Cramer column,

The Power of Knight/Trimark on Opening Day, failed to disclose that both Cramer and his hedge fund held long positions in

TheStreet.com Inc.

(TSCM:Nasdaq) at the time of publication.

(corrected March 7)