March 27-April 2

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A March 30 story,

New Sites Let You Put Spare Change Into Stocks, mistakenly reported that Charles Carlson, co-portfolio manager of the

Strong Dow 30 Value

fund (SDOWX), is an investor in

and a member of its board of directors. It should have said he is an investor in

and a member of its board of directors. The story also incorrectly reported that doesn't offer exchange-traded funds. In fact, it does. (

corrected March 31


A March 27 story,

Bank One Bounces on News of Dimon's Appointment, mistakenly reported that brokerage

Byrne Ryan

doesn't rate

Bank One

(ONE:NYSE) shares. In fact, it rates the bank sell. (

corrected March 30


The March 28 Evening Update,

Palm Beats Analysts' Estimates, Last Year's Quarter, mistakenly said the IPO of



AT&T Wireless Group

will raise, on the low end of the range, from $936 million. In fact, it will raise from $9.36 billion. (

corrected March 29


The Idiot Box in the March 18

TSC Weekender: Biotechs Are Blinded With Science mistakenly said that QQQ derivatives trade on the

Chicago Board of Trade

. In fact, they trade on the

Chicago Mercantile Exchange


(corrected March 21)

A March 28 story,

Commerce One Wins a Big Deal With Aerospace Exchange, misspelled the name of an


(ORCL:Nasdaq) vice president. He is Kevin McGuirk, not McGirk. (

corrected March 29


A March 24 story,

eMachines Drops in Its Debut, incorrectly reported that eMachines raised $18 million from its initial public offering. In fact, the deal raised $180 million.

(corrected March 28


A March 25 story,

TSC Weekender: Markets Up Despite Rate Hike, mistakenly identified the Pulse writer as David A. Gaffen. In fact, the writer was Kayte VanScoy.

(corrected March 28)

A March 25 story,

No-Fee Index Fund Fails to Wow Investors, mistakenly reported that

Standard & Poor's

depositary receipts, or Spiders (SPY:Amex), charge annual expenses equal to 0.18% of assets. In fact, annual expenses were reduced to 0.12% on March 10. (

corrected March 28