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A March 31 Marc Lichtenfeld column, The Real Story: First-Quarter Report Card, incorrectly reported the average long position recommended in the first quarter was up 4.3%. In fact, the total gain of the long positions was 4.2%. The story also reported the average short recommendation was up 1.8%; in fact, the total gain of the short positions was 1.8%. In addition, a table accompanying the story inaccurately stated the March 30 closing price of St. Joe's (JOE: NYSE) as $62.04 and its percentage change as negative 1.3%; the correct figures are $61.75 and 1.8%. The March 30 closing prices of BJ Services (BJS: NYSE), PF Chang's China Bistro (PFCB: NYSE), Webster Financial (WBS: NYSE), Encore Medical (ENMC: NYSE), Elan (ELN: NYSE), Scana (SCG: NYSE) and Dynamic Materials (BOOM: Nasdaq) were reported incorrectly, but the percentage changes were accurate. regrets the error. (Corrected April 3)

A March 27 column by Jim Cramer,

One Right, One Wrong on Metals, Housing, contained an error introduced during editing. The column indicated that Wachovia had downgraded four housing stocks, when in fact only three were downgraded.

regrets the error.

(Corrected March 27)

A March 24 story,

Google Groovin' Again, misstated Stifel Nicolaus analyst Scott Devitt's latest rating action on


(GOOG:Nasdaq). He boosted his rating to buy from hold, not to hold from sell.

regrets the error. (

Corrected March 27


A March 23 Economics Blog post by Tony Crescenzi,

China Might Revalue, contained an error. The post indicated China might revalue its currency by 3%, a larger revaluation than its July 2005 revaluation of 2.1%. The indication for revaluing should have been 0.03%, a smaller revaluation than in July 2005.

regrets the error.

(Corrected March 23)

A March 20 column,

Two Shipping Stocks Set to Sail, incorrectly said

Genco Shipping & Trading

(GSTL:Nasdaq) had $350 million in cash. In fact, the company has about $350 million in buying power ($46.9 million in cash and the balance in an available credit facility).

regrets the error.

(Corrected March 22)

A March 22 story,

Tech Stocks Sit Out Rally, incorrectly said crude inventories fell by 2.3 million barrels in the Energy Department's weekly storage update Wednesday. In fact, crude inventories fell by 1.3 million barrels.

regrets the error. (

Corrected March 22


A March 14 story,

Mining's Silver Lining, misstated the ratio of silver to shares of the silver exchange-traded fund currently being reviewed by the

Securities and Exchange Commission

. Each share would represent about 10 ounces of silver, not a fraction of an ounce.

regrets the error.

(Corrected March 15


A March 13 story,

Domino's Buys Back Shares From Bain, misstated the effect of a $100 million borrowing on


(DPZ:NYSE) outstanding debt. The company had $702.6 million of debt outstanding before the latest borrowing, not $802.6 million as earlier reported.

regrets the error. (

Corrected March 15.


A March 14

Mad Money recap incorrectly said that Jim Cramer would pick up some

Marvell Technology

(MRVL:Nasdaq) in order to create a diversified basket of fiber optic stocks. In fact, Cramer said to pick up some

MRV Communications


regrets the error.

(Corrected March 15)

A March 10 column by Hewitt Heiserman,

Blue Nile: Strong, but Imperfect, incorrectly stated that

Blue Nile

inventories its diamonds; in fact, the company does not.

regrets the error.

(Corrected March 14)

A March 9 story,

Dissident Cuts Into Sharper Image, incorrectly reported that investment firm Knightspoint is led by Jerry Levin. In fact, Levin is one of the firm's nominees for the board of directors at

Sharper Image

(SHRP:Nasdaq). Knightspoint is co-led by Michael Koeneke and David Meyer.

regrets the error.

(Corrected March 13)

A March 10 column by Hewitt Heiserman,

Blue Nile: Strong, but Imperfect, gave erroneous figures in the table titled, "Finding the Right Price." The figures were based on outdated intrinsic value assumptions, and gave the target buy price as $23, instead of as $26, as the text correctly stated. Please see the column for the corrected figures.

regrets the error.

(Corrected March 10)

A March 7 column by Howard Simons,

Dana Bonds Show Ugly Credit Incentive, contained two errors. Writers of credit default swaps are required to buy bonds at par from CDS buyers as the risk of bankruptcy or another credit event rises, not deliver bonds to CDS buyers. And the likely suspects for the bond-buying around


bankruptcy filing are the CDS buyers, scrambling to find bonds for delivery, rather than CDS writers scrambling to meet their obligations.

regrets the errors.

(Corrected March 8)

A March 7 article,

Delta Still Playing Catch-Up, incorrectly stated that Jeff Smisek is the chief executive of

Continental Airlines

(CAL:NYSE). He is the company's president.

regrets the error. (

Corrected March 7.


A March 3 story,

How Hedge Funds Play GM, incorrectly stated that certain bonds of

General Motors'

(GM:NYSE) GMAC subsidiary contain a put provision that would force the company to redeem them at par in the event of a sale of the unit. In fact, no such provision exists.

regrets the error. (

Corrected March 7