The March 19 story

Warner-Lambert Defends Its Diabetes Drug improperly identified Orville Kolterman as a diabetes specialist at the

University of San Diego

. Kolterman is at the

University of California, San Diego

. (

corrected March 19


In the March 15

MBA Investment League roundup, the name of Texas Christian University's student portfolio manager was misspelled. He is Kevin Prigel. (

corrected March 19


Due to an editing error, the March 14 Silicon Babylon

column, Time to Update the Image of an Internet Investor, erroneously said that the

(MNNAX) - Get Report

Munder NetNet fund beat all mutual funds in 1998. In fact, the

(WWWFX) - Get Report

Internet Fund beat all mutual funds in 1998 with a 196% gain. (

corrected March 16