NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Though Brexit and its aftereffects have jolted the pound, volatility in the currency market has largely tailed off as the dollar gains strength. Deutsche Bank Global Co-Head of FX Research Alan Ruskin thinks that this low-volatility environment may last a while.

"I'd be hesitant to say this is going to last for six months, 12 months, but it's the only game in town," Ruskin on BloombergTV's "Bloomberg Daybreak" Wednesday morning. "There's very few things in the currency market where there's real sustainability. You need big stories. Brexit and the pound. The yen was a big story earlier. But right now, you're just seeing - euro-dollar for example - just bobbing around."

Ruskin argued that high-yield currencies such as the Brazilian real and the Russian ruble could prove attractive to investors since they're tied to commodities.

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"[There's] some sense at least... that the economies are basing," he said. "And of course, they've got yield."