June 4-10 - TheStreet

June 4-10

<I>TheStreet.com</I> corrects its errors.
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A June 8 story,

The Weaker Software Giant Might Be the Stronger Buy, misspelled the last name of the manager of the

Berger Information Technology

fund. He is William Schaff, not William Schiff. (

corrected June 8


A June 7 article,

Handspring Takes a Tumble as Handheld Sales Fall Flat, incorrectly reported that


(PALM:Nasdaq) has lowered prices on its m500 line. Retailers have lowered prices on the m500, but Palm has not. (

corrected June 8


The June 4 Herb on TheStreet column,

Deteriorating Credit Quality at Silicon Valley Bancshares? incorrectly said


UPC 11830 rule is triggered when short interest equals either 10,000 shares or one-half of 1% of a company's shares outstanding. In fact, the rule takes effect when both criteria are met. (

corrected June 5