June 2008 Corrections Page - TheStreet

June 2008 Corrections Page

<I>TheStreet.com</I> corrects its errors.
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A June 6 column,

Feuerstein's Biotech-Stock Mailbag

, mischaracterized

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals'

(PPHM) bavituximab breast cancer study by saying its partial tumor responses observed in five of 11 patients were not yet substantial enough to meet RECIST standards. In fact, those partial responses were measured using RECIST criteria.


regrets the error.

(Corrected June 12)

A June 5 article,

Palm's Centro Tells Foes: 'Talk to the Hand,'

contained an incorrect 2008 sales target for the


(AAPL) iPhone. The target is 10 million units, not 1 million.


regrets the error.

(Corrected June 5)

A June 2 article,

Acorda Drug Improves MS Walking Speeds

, contained an incorrect analyst price target for shares of

Acorda Therapeutics

(ACOR) and also mischaracterized data from a drug study. In a timed 25-foot walk, 42.9% of patients in the study's Fampridine-SR arm showed improvement vs. 9.3% of patients in the placebo arm. They did not show improvements of 42.9% vs. 9.3% as originally stated.


regrets the errors.

(Corrected June 2)

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