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A June 29 story,

Thursday's Early Winners & Losers, incorrectly stated that

Red Hat

(RHAT:Nasdaq) missed analysts' revenue estimate. In fact, first-quarter revenue rose by 38% and beat the Street estimate.

regrets the error.

(Corrected June 29)

A June 29 story,

Hedge Fund Regulation Not Dead Yet, misspelled the name of Gary Aguirre.

regrets the error. (

Corrected June 29


A June 20 column by James J. Cramer titled

A Shift on Continental, for a Trade, contained errors. The column indicated that

Continental Airlines

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(CA:NYSE) does not run a hub-and-spoke operation. In fact, the majority of the airline's flights run through three hubs. It also indicated that Continental had no reason to expect further issues with its unions, when recent negotiations with flight attendants were protracted and contentious.

regrets the errors.

(Corrected June 21)

A June 20 story,

Vonage Tastes Patent Leather, mistakenly reported that


(GOOG:Nasdaq) is being sued by Rates Technology. In fact, the suit has been dismissed under confidential terms.

The story described Rates as a so-called patent troll. Rates rejects this characterization, saying it offers products and services.

regrets the error. (

Corrected June 21.


A June 15 story,

Valeant Parkinson's Drug Cleared, incorrectly stated that a medication from

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

(TEVA: Nasdaq) contains selegiline, the key ingredient in the new

Valeant Pharmaceuticals

(VRX:NYSE) drug Zelapar. Although Zelapar and Teva's Azilect belong to the same class of drugs, known as MAO inhibitors, Azilect is a separate molecular entity whose scientific name is rasagiline.

A June 19 story,

Paper Tigers on Prowl, mistakenly reported that


(BLC:NYSE) plans to buy back 100 million shares. In fact, the company plans to buy back about 5 million shares, taking its oustanding-share count down to 100 million.

regrets the error. (

Corrected June 19


A June 14 story,

BEA Systems Rides Software's New Rage, incorrectly stated that shares of

BEA Systems

(BEAS:Nasdaq) declined last year. In fact, the loss of share value occurred in 2004, not 2005. The stock gained 6% last year.

regrets the error.

(Corrected June 14)

June 7 story,

Options' Deluding Effect, incorrectly reported that


(YHOO:Nasdaq) employees gained about $2.17 billion in 2005 from selling stock options, and that the company would have generated an extra $2 billion if it had sold those shares publicly instead of to employees. Those figures were based on data that included options exercises from 2005 as well as previous years, according to a company representative. In fact, a more accurate estimate of employees' gains via option sales in 2005 is about $1.1 billion. Using similar methodology -- and then subtracting Yahoo!'s tax benefit from stock options -- a better estimate of how much the company would have seen from selling those shares directly to the public at market price is about $710 million.

regrets the error.

(Corrected June 7)

A June 7 story,

EMC Tweaks Sales Guidance, incorrectly said


(EMC:NYSE) guidance Wednesday was a modification of a previous estimate. In fact, the company repeated guidance provided in its first-quarter conference call, including a prediction that 2006 revenue will be at the low end of its $11.1 billion to $11.3 billion range.

regrets the error. (

Corrected June 7


A June 4 story,

Funny Money: More Chips, Less Firebombing, incorrectly said


(INTC: Nasdaq) is planning to expand production at its chip plant in Dresden, Germany. In fact, the plant is owned by

Advanced Micro Devices


regrets the error.

(Corrected June 5)