Publish date:

June 2003


A June 26 column, "

After the Fed Move, Russell's Next," incorrectly said the Russell 2000 index will be rebalanced on Friday. In fact, the index will be rebalanced on Monday, June 30.

regrets the error. (Corrected June 26)

A June 25 story,

"Bank of America Ups Quarterly Dividend by 25%," incorrectly said


(FBF:NYSE) pays a quarterly dividend of 84 cents. In fact, that is a dividend it pays on preferred stock. Its common stock dividend is 35 cents quarterly.

regrets the error. (Corrected June 26)

A June 24 story, "

It's AMD's Warning, But the Worry Is Over Intel", incorrectly reported that

ST Microelectronics

(STM:NYSE) had issued a warning on its second-quarter results. In late May, ST Microelectronics backed its original guidance on sales and margins for the second quarter. It had issued a warning in April that pertained to its first-quarter results.



(MCHP:Nasdaq) SARS-related warning in April applied to the first calendar quarter, not the second quarter as reported.

regrets the error. (Corrected June 26)

The June 23 story, "

Consensus Builds That JetBlue Has Risen Enough," incorrectly said


(JBLU:Nasdaq) was beginning service between Baltimore and San Diego. In fact,

Southwest Airlines

TheStreet Recommends

(LUV:NYSE) is beginning the service.

regrets the error. (Corrected June 23)

A June 17 article,

The Dow Dogs' Contrarian Bite, incorrectly said

Cisco Systems

(CSCO:Nasdaq) was a recent addition to the Dow Jones Industrial Average.


(INTC:Nasdaq) was the addition; Cisco is not a component of the DJIA.

regrets the error. (Corrected June 20)

A June 11 story,

Sprint PCS Gets a Downgrade, incorrectly said

Sprint PCS

(PCS:NYSE) plans to take a $400 million charge in the second quarter.

In fact, a pretax charge of $400 million to $475 million will be taken by the long-distance company,

Sprint FON


regrets the error. (Corrected June 11)

A June 13 column,

Under the Radar: A Road Map for Natural Gas Prices, contained an erroneous reference to natural gas prices. Due to an editing error, the abbreviation "mcf" was spelled out as million cubic feet. However, it stands for thousand cubic feet.

regrets the error.

(Corrected June 16)