Publish date:

June 14-20

<I>TSC</I> corrects its mistakes.

A June 15 story,

Struggling Stein Roe Jumps Onto Slow-Moving Net Fund Bandwagon, incorrectly referred to

Financial Research Corp.

as Financial Data Corp. (

corrected June 18


A June 9 story,

Drooping Euro May Perk Up German Companies, incorrectly said that


is based in Munich. In fact, it is based in Leverkusen, Germany. (

corrected June 15


The June 11 Building Blocks column,

For REIT Roundtable Picks, Management Matters Most, incorrectly said

Prentiss Properties'

TheStreet Recommends


year-to-date return through May 31 was -7.7%. In fact, it was 7.7%. (

corrected June 15


A June 13 poll,

You Said It: A


Weekly Poll, incorrectly reported that the

Consumer Price Index

will be reported on Thursday, June 17. In fact, CPI will be reported on Wednesday, June 16. (

corrected June 14


The June 14 Power Lines,

Dynegy and Illinova Get Hitched, mistakenly reported the value of the companies' merger at $7.5 billion. The deal's proper value is $2 billion. (

corrected June 14