July 5-11

<I>TSC</I> corrects its mistakes for the week.
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The July 8 Community Today's Polls,

Going Once: Take Our Online Auctions Poll, mistakenly reported that

Red Herring's

cover story on Internet auctions ran in July. It is the cover story for August. (

corrected July 8


A July 8 James J. Cramer column,

Seeking Out Weakness, failed to mention his long position at time of publication in


(YHOO:Nasdaq). The column's disclosure statement has since been appropriately updated. (

corrected July 8


The July 8 Options Buzz,

Options Traders Leery of Short Squeezes, incorrectly identified


(KERA:Nasdaq) as a laser eye surgery company. It should have been identified as a corrective vision products company. (

corrected July 8


The July 7 Evening Update,

Yahoo! Rises on Earnings; Big Mo Falls on Court Ruling, mistakenly reported that


(BCST:Nasdaq) showed a profit of 11 cents a share in its year-ago second quarter. The company actually reported a loss of 11 cents a share for that period. (

corrected July 8


The July 7

Midday Watchlist mistakenly reported the stock price of

Rogers Cantel Mobile Communications

(RCN:NYSE) for that of


(RCNC:Nasdaq). (

corrected July 8


A July 7 funds story,

Index Funds No Passive Pursuit for Fidelity, incorrectly reported that Vanguard's Star fund (VGSTX) is a fund of index funds similar in makeup to Fidelity's new

Four-in-One Index

fund. Star is a fund of actively managed funds. Because they're different types of funds, the comparison of expense ratios is not valid. The story should have compared Vanguard's LifeStrategy Growth fund (VASGX), a fund of index funds, to Fidelity's Four-in-One index. The Four-in-One Index has an annual expense ratio of 0.33%, compared with the 0.29% for the LifeStrategy Growth fund. (

corrected July 7


The July 2 Fixed-Income Forum,

How Do I Get the Yield of the Bond Futures Contract?, incorrectly stated that the

Chicago Board of Trade's

conversion factors for bonds deliverable against the Treasury futures contract change every month. In fact they change every contract month, or every March, June, September and December. (

corrected July 6