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A July 7 story,

Once-Failed Hepatitis Drug Has Some Saying SciClone is Full of Hot Air, omitted to mention that


(SGP:NYSE) is testing


(SCLN:Nasdaq) hepatitis drug,


, in Japan. (

corrected July 7


Because of an editing error, a July 6 story,

Gap, Ross Expect to Fall Short of Earnings Forecast, mistakenly reported that


(GPS:NYSE) shares dropped 3 1/2 points Thursday. In fact, the stock rose 3 1/2, or 12%, to close at 33 3/8. (

corrected July 7

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A July 5 story,

Market Starting to See the Bad Side of a Slowdown, incorrectly stated that


(EMC:NYSE) had issued an earnings warning in June. In fact,


(EDS:NYSE) issued the warning.

(corrected July 6)

A July 3 story,

Island ECN Converts to Pricing Stocks in Decimals, incorrectly identified the number of trades handled by

Datek Online Holdings

as being those handled by

Island ECN

. The story should have noted that Datek has averaged around 100,000 trades a day in recent weeks and had recorded some 22,000 trades by midmorning Monday.(

corrected July 5