July 26-Aug. 1

<I>TSC</I> corrects its mistakes for the week.
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The July 29 Evening Update,

EDS Beats Second-Quarter Views, Sees Third-Quarter Charge, incorrectly reported that

Oak Technology

(OAKT:Nasdaq) would acquire


(XION:Nasdaq) for 0.80 of a share, valued at $2.94, for each Xionics share. Oak will acquire Xionics for 0.803 of a share plus $2.94 in cash for each Xionics share, valuing the deal at $70 million. (

corrected July 30


The original headline on the July 28 TaskMaster column,

Taulli Confirms His New Job at Internet.com, mistakenly identified Tom Taulli as a former executive of


(GNET:Nasdaq). Taulli wasn't an executive at the operator of Web sites. (

corrected July 29


A July 28 Market Update,

Oracle Plans New Company to Manufacture Low-Cost Computers, incorrectly reported that


(ORCL:Nasdaq) planned to offer computers with 64-megahertz chips. The PCs will have 64 megabytes of RAM. (

corrected July 28


A July 11 Drinks & Diversions column,

Bad Nose: The Wine Industry's Rosy Assessments Begin to Turn, incorrectly attributed the following paragraph to Jon Fredrikson of San Francisco's

Gomberg Fredrikson & Associates

. In fact, the speaker was Steven Fredricks, vice president of

Turrentine Wine Brokerage

, in San Anselmo, Calif.

There is a "slight excess" of wine, according to industry statistician Jon Fredrikson of San Francisco's Gomberg Fredrikson & Associates. As a result, he told the annual Vineyard Economics Seminar in Napa last month that vintners' marketing costs are rising, some grape growers are signing contracts at lower prices and consumers are beginning to see lower wine prices and higher quality selection.


corrected July 28


A July 23 SiliconStreet.com column,

'Smooth Sailing' at Network Associates Is Not Likely, unfairly implied that

Network Associates

(NETA:Nasdaq) had an annual run rate of $100 million based on its second-quarter sales of $25 million. The company's revenues for the quarter were abnormally low because it was unstuffing a distribution channel of already sold software. Analysts estimate the company will post 1999 revenues of almost $700 million. (

clarification posted July 27


A July 19 Nothing but Net story,

Net Stocks Gloomy Despite Upbeat Earnings, incorrectly stated that

Wit Capital

had done underwriting for


(PCLN:Nasdaq). In fact, it has not. (

corrected July 27


A July 26 Nothing but Net story,

AOL Gets a Clear Message From Investors as Stock Drops, erroneously reported the domain name address of

Network Solutions'

(NSOL:Nasdaq) new dot-com directory as www.comdirectory.com. The correct URL is www.dotcomdirectory.com. (

corrected July 27


The July 26 Evening Update,

eBay Meets Estimates, Trades Up, Then Down After Hours, and Taskmaster column,

Good Timing, eBay; and the July 27 Wake-Up Call,

Stocks Straining Their Leash but Dog Days Aren't Yet Behind, and Nothing but Net column,

After Beating Street Estimates, eBay Can't Keep Declines at Bay, misstated


(EBAY:Nasdaq) second-quarter earnings.

For its second quarter ended June 30,


(EBAY:Nasdaq) earned 4 cents a diluted share, up from 2 cents a year ago. Results are on a pro forma basis, excluding one-time charges, merger-related costs and the financial results of recent acquisitions Butterfield & Butterfield, Kruse International, Billpoint and Alando.

As originally published, the stories listed above variously misstated the latest-quarter earnings as 3 cents a share and the year-ago quarter's earnings as 8 cents. (

corrected July 27


A July 23 Tech Savvy column,

e.Digital, the Speculator's Choice in Downloadable Digital Music, misstated the date of the writer's meeting with


(EDIG:OTC BB) CEO Fred Falk. It was on May 27, not in June, as stated. In addition, the column incorrectly implied that the recent peak for the shares was "near $3." In fact, it was $3.20. (

corrected July 26


The July 23 Stock Mart,

American Medical Security, incorrectly reported that

American Medical

(AMZ:NYSE) was expected to earn 71 cents a share in the second quarter and $1.05 a share for the year. In fact, the company is expected to earn 71 cents a share this year and $1.05 a share in 2000.

In addition, the story incorrectly said American Medical closed at 8 7/8, up 3/16. In fact, it closed at 10 1/8, up 3/16. The story also incorrectly stated the company's price-to-earnings ratio for this year as 12.5 and for next year as 8.5. In fact, it's 14.3 for this year and 9.6 for next year. The story also incorrectly said the company was trading below its March 31 book value of $9.13 a share. In fact, it was trading above its book value. (

corrected July 26