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Due to an editing error, the headline on the July 28 story,

GE Names Wright Vice Chairman, mistakenly said that Jack Welch had been named vice chairman. In fact, Robert Wright was named to the post.

(corrected July 28)

A July 27 story,

Wendt's First Move at Conseco Leaves Many Scratching Their Heads, mistakenly said


(CNC:NYSE) made $213 million, or 64 cents a share, in the second quarter of 1999 under its old accounting method. In fact, it made that amount under its new accounting method in that quarter. Under the old method, the company made $298 million, or 92 cents a share.

(corrected July 28)

A July 26 column,

Go Against the Flow, incorrectly identified a Rodney Dangerfield comedy classic as

Back to School

in 1986. In fact, it was


in 1980.

(corrected July 27)

The July 25

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Stocks to Watch incorrectly reported that


(CHRD:Nasdaq) reported a second-quarter loss of 21 cents, which would have missed analysts' estimates, and a year-ago loss of 24 cents a share. In fact, excluding certain items, the company reported a loss of 16 cents, narrower than the three-analyst estimate of a 19-cent loss. Also, the company's year-ago loss was 22 cents. (

corrected July 26


A July 25 story,

Times Are Good, but Don't Look for Nortel to Rest on Its Laurels, misidentified Michael Ma as the manager of

PBHG's Technology & Communications

fund. Ma is actually the manager of PBHG's

Global Technology & Communications

fund. (

corrected July 26


In a July 17 story,

The Tortoise and the Herr? Top-Performing Deutsche European Has Idled for Months, the minimum investment for the institutional shares of the

Deutsche European Equity

fund was incorrectly listed as $25,000; in fact, the minimum institutional investment is $250,000. Also, the stock of

Advanced Vision Technology

doubled in the first few days of trading, not on the first day. The fund also says it did not participate in the IPO of

LPKF Laser & Electronics



was the mutual fund's top French holding as of March 31; it is no longer the fund's top French holding. (

corrected July 25