The July 19 column,

Five Things You Can Expect After the Tech Wreck, misidentified the headquarters city of


. It is Santa Clara, Calif., not San Jose. (

corrected July 23

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The July 16 Detox column,

Fed's Easy Money Buoys Bank of America, miscalculated what the bank's second-quarter loan loss reserve would have been had it equaled the first quarter's 123% of past-due loans. The reserve would have been higher by $283 million, not $700 million. If that amount had been added to the loan loss reserve, per-share earnings would have dropped by 11 cents, not 28, and the resulting EPS figure would have been $1.13, not 96 cents.

The story also mistakenly attributed remarks made on a July conference call to the bank's chief executive, Ken Lewis. The remarks were in fact made by the bank's chief financial officer, Jim Hance. (

corrected July 16