July 12-18

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The July 16 Market Roundup,

Market Wraps Up Week at Records, but With Disturbing Complacency incorrectly reported the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

hit an intraday high of 12,213.33. In fact, the level was 11,213.33. (

corrected July 16


Also, in a Company Report item about



, the same Market Roundup mistakenly reported that


Adam Lashinsky

wrote about what gaining


as a new client meant for the company. In fact, Lashinsky

wrote about how AdForce replaced lost revenue when GeoCities ceased to be one of its clients. (

corrected July 19


Due to an editing error, a July 13 Jim Seymour column,

About That Coming Bandwidth Glut, incorrectly referred to a "7 megabytes-per-second Net-access service." It should have said megabits. (

corrected July 14


A July 13 story,

Motorola's Ball and Chain, incorrectly reported that


(IRID:Nasdaq) was supposed to have 27,000 customers by May 31 but had 10,294 customers on that date. In fact, the date was March 31. (

corrected July 14


The July 14 Herb on TheStreet column,

Will Conseco's Latest Trick Help or Hurt the Company?, incorrectly identified

Credit Suisse First Boston

analyst Caitlin Long. Her name was mistakenly given in the original story as Carrie King.

(corrected July 14)

A letter posted on July 8 in the Email to the Editors section about

valuations was mistakenly attributed to Michael Manning. The letter was written by Stanley J. Vitikas.

(corrected July 13)

The July 13 Options Buzz,

Traders Toying With Hasbro Options, incorrectly reported that equity options on


(HAS:NYSE) expire June 16. In fact, they expire July 16. (

corrected July 13


A July 12 story,

SAP Stumbling in North America, mistakenly reported that shares of


(SAP:NYSE ADR) closed Monday up 1 5/16 at 34 3/16. The stock actually closed up 7/8 at 33 3/4.

(corrected July 13)

A July 9 Nothing but Net story,

Net Sector Wilts Into the Weekend, mistakenly reported that


(AMTD:Nasdaq) was expected to report a 3-cent loss in its third quarter. The

First Call

consensus was for a 3-cent gain.

(corrected July 12)