Jim Cramer's Stop Trading! Qwest's Quest

If the company can follow Level 3 with an acquisition of its own, the stock could go to $8.
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Level 3


did a big acquisition Monday and still saw its stock rise.



should try the same thing, Jim Cramer said on


"Mad Money" segment Monday.

"If Qwest makes a deal, it goes to $7 or $8," Cramer said. "I think Qwest is just waiting for it to happen."

Regarding reports that

Federal Reserve

Chairman Ben Bernanke is backing away from his dovish comments of last week, Cramer recommended that investors reverse a trade that the comments initially spawned.

"There was a trade on to buy banks and sell


Goldman Sachs

(GS) - Get Report





Bear Stearns


," Cramer said. "I see already the banks are coming down off

Bernanke's comments. I would reverse now and go back into Bear, Lehman and Goldman."

Cramer was bullish on


(AIR) - Get Report

, citing Monday's acquisition of





(BA) - Get Report

. "Boeing is moving very aggressively into the spare parts and recycling game," Cramer said. "They paid the moon for Aviall. Why wouldn't they pay the moon for AAR, which has a much better business than Aviall?"

Cramer said demand from the aerospace sector has been manna for metals companies such as

Titanium Metals



Allegheny Tech

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. "Everyone's always willing to finance a plane in this country -- no matter what. Don't ask me why," Cramer said. "In China, you can bet they're going to be buying planes as far as the eye can see."

At the time of publication, Cramer had no positions in the stocks mentioned.

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