Jim Cramer's Stop Trading! New Leadership

Cramer says a relative scarcity of shares helps Caterpillar, Boeing and others.
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The market's current strength is being fed by well-capitalized companies whose managers consider too much greed "unseemly," Jim Cramer said on


"Stop Trading!" segment Friday.

Cramer listed


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"These are companies where insiders don't have a lot of stock," Cramer said. "They tend to be from small towns where it's unseemly to line your pockets with stock options. They're well capitalized." Cramer said the market gets a "galloping effect from these major industrials, because there's no supply" of stock, unlike in the late 1990s, when market leaders such as


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flooded the market with shares.

Cramer said certain commodity companies are poised to benefit from price inflation.


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American Standard


have "passed on more

costs than they've taken in," Cramer said. "These are companies that thrive in this somewhat moderate inflationary environment, which they haven't seen in years."

Even with rates rising, Cramer said, brokerages such as

Goldman Sachs

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should keep doing well. Cramer called the shares "proxies people reach to when we have a bullish tape," because they're "always positioned right." Because of their work in the derivatives markets, the stocks are "the other side of the


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