NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- David Yurman, designer jewelry company famous for its twisted cable bracelets and dark pearl earrings, is now selling a $48,000 handmade motorcycle, Bloomberg TV's Nejra Cehic reported on "Bloomberg Markets" Monday afternoon. 

The motorcycle is a one of a kind bike made by the famous custom motorcycle builder Walt Siegl, who hand makes the bikes in his studio in New Hampshire, Bloomberg columnist Hannah Elliott told Bloomberg TV

Evan Yurman, David Yurman's son and motorcycle enthusiast, asked Walt if he could build a motorcycle out of a material called forged carbon, Elliot said. 

Forged carbon is carbon fiber that is compressed and held together with a special resin which makes the bike lighter and stronger.

"This is a one off-bike which means they had to make all the molds totally unique. They could not use old mold. This is completely new, completely singular," she said. 

Compared to most bikes on the market, the David Yurman bike is extremely expensive, Elliott added

"You can get a Ducati for $10,000 and that's considered expensive. A Ducati is a luxury motorcycle. You can get a Honda (HMC) for $3,000 brand new," Elliott said. 

The $48,000 is the bike for cost. The company is not making any money off of the bikes. If they chose to make a profit the bikes would cost would be closer to $100,000 to $200,000, Evan Yurman said when Elliott asked about the price tag.