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Jan. 31-Feb. 6

<I>TSC</I> corrects its mistakes.
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A chart in a Nov. 19 story,

Brandywine Quietly Putting Ill-Timed Move Behind It, misrepresented the total return of the Brandywine Fund (BRWIX) from 1997 through 1999. The chart, which ran under the headline "Brandywine's Bad Timing," did not take into account reinvested distributions, and as a result understated the fund's gains. (

corrected Feb. 4


The Jan. 31 Midday Movers,

Hershey's Gets Earnings Kiss; Baker Hughes' Stock Runs Up After CEO Quits, incorrectly reported that shares of


(MOT:NYSE) climbed 13/16 to 86 13/16. In fact, the stock closed the day up 7 3/4 to 136. (

corrected Feb. 4


A Feb. 2 story,

Online Promotion Business Promises a Jackpot, but Ticket Appears Pricey, incorrectly reported that

Thomas Weisel Partners

analyst Perry Boyle personally owned shares in

(PRMO:Nasdaq). In fact, Boyle owns shares in another company mentioned in the story,


(NCNT:Nasdaq); furthermore, he has a buy on Netcentives, for which his firm was an underwriter -- a relationship that was not reported in the original article.

Elsewhere in the story, David Moore was identified incorrectly as the CEO of


(DCLK:Nasdaq). In fact, he is the CEO of

24/7 Media

(TFSM:Nasdaq). (

corrected Feb. 3


A Jan. 31 column,

Who Says Technology Insiders Never Buy?, mistakenly referred to

Cypress Semiconductor

(CY:NYSE) as Cyprus Semiconductor. (

corrected Feb. 3


The Feb. 2 Nothing But Net,

Rate Hike Raises Neither Eyebrows Nor Net Stocks, incorrectly stated that

(AMZN:Nasdaq) expects to turn a profit in 2000. The comment referred to the company's book business, which Amazon expects will be profitable in 2000, not its total business. (

corrected Feb. 2


A Feb. 1 story,

Network Solutions Jumps After Investigation Ends, incorrectly reported that shares of

Network Solutions

(NSOL:Nasdaq) gained more than 500% on Jan. 18 after the Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the company's fees for use of its registry. The stock actually gained more than 18% that day. (

corrected Feb. 2


The Feb. 1 Midday Movers,

Qualcomm Moving Higher After Inking China Unicom Deal and IPOs Are Feeling the Love, incorrectly reported that Herb Hribar, who was named CEO of


(INIT:Nasdaq), was formerly CEO of


(VRIO:Nasdaq). In fact, Hribar was chief operating officer of Verio. (

corrected Feb. 2


Due to an editing error, a Feb. 1 column,

This Week's Secondary Offerings, misstated the size of the upcoming lockup expiration for

Red Hat Software

(RHAT:Nasdaq) as roughly 117 million shares. The correct number is 121,159,408 shares, as was stated elsewhere in the column. (

corrected Feb. 1


A Jan. 31 story,

Thinking Locally at Latin, incorrectly reported that Luis Mario Bilenky has been named the new president of

StarMedia Network

(STRM:Nasdaq). In fact, Bilenky has been named president of

StarMedia Interactive Group

, a new division within StarMedia Network. (

corrected Jan. 31


A Jan. 28 story,

Online Education Looking Like a Hot IPO Sector, incorrectly reported that


had completed its mezzanine round of funding and that investors in the company included


(INTC:Nasdaq) and Hearst. In fact, Pensare hasn't closed its mezzanine round, and Intel and Hearst aren't direct backers of Pensare. They are investors in

Media Technology Ventures

, which is a backer of Pensare. (

corrected Jan. 31


The Jan. 26 Evening Update,

Dell to Fall Short, but H-P Optimistic; Conexant to Join S&P 500, incorrectly said Networks

(WOMN:Nasdaq) reported a fourth-quarter loss of 21 cents a share. In fact, the company reported a loss of 7 cents a share. (

corrected Jan. 31