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Jan. 20-26


A Jan. 24 column,

Overseas Issues Roil McDonald's incorrectly reported that in the fourth quarter, McDonald's earned $271.9 million, or 21 cents per share, before items. In fact, the profit of 21 cents per share includes items.

A Jan. 22 story,

Tyco Silences Shorts With Breakup Plan, incorrectly said Merrill Lynch analysts had accorded each of

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four parts a higher-than-20 price-to-earnings ratio in coming up with a break-up value of $70-$80 per share. In fact, Merrill only said that 3 of Tyco's components could be valued at above 20 times earnings, the exception being Tyco Capital, which is valued at 12-14, the firm said. (

corrected Jan. 22