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Jan. 14-20


A Jan. 16 Herb on TheStreet column, Dynacq'sDoubtful Accounts Send Distress Signals,incorrectly attributed a quote, beginning with "Yourmath ... could be very well correct," to the company'sCEO. In fact, those comments were made by the CFO. Inthe same column, net profit margin was said to be downnearly 4 percentage points from the third quarter tothe fourth quarter. It actually was down almost 4percentage points from the fourth quarter to the firstquarter. (corrected Jan. 18)

A Jan. 17 Herb on TheStreet column,

A Dim View of Spectrian's Sunny Outlook, stated that fast-rising payables suggest a company is holding back payments to suppliers, and in the process keeping expenses artificially low. In fact, fast-rising payables can artificially inflate the amount of cash on the balance sheet.

(corrected Jan. 18)

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