NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- European markets have come down following the Brexit vote but it's still a great time to invest in Europe.

The markets have come down precipitously and that's when buying opportunities are at its peak. When investors go into fear mode they start to sell good investments with bad ones, David Marcus, CEO of Evermore Global Advisors said on CNBC's "Power Lunch" Tuesday.

"They don't care, they just want to get out. So we look over the carnage and we start picking up," he added.

Marcus noted that he hasn't invested in the U.K. in years.

"Because frankly most U.S. Investors when they go to Europe, they go to London and they stay there. It's easier, it's the same language, the valuations are generally higher," Marcus told CNBC.

His firm focuses on non-U.K. European countries such as Germany, Italy, Sweden, and other southern European markets to find better bargains.

"Cheaper stocks, more change," he said.

Buying in the local market and using the country's currency is important, Marcus noted.

"So if it's in euros, it's euros, if it's Swedish, it's krona," he said.

Besides the fact that stocks are low, Europe is a good place to put money now because it has changed its rules and regulations by giving companies the opportunity to restructure, streamline, layoff, and close pants, Marcus continued.

"So the EU has brought things that are positive. So I don't think the EU goes away. The fact is we want to embrace the volatility and take advantage of it," he added.