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Free Teacher Workshops

The training needed to teach the SMG is available in most locations at no cost.

Giving teachers the investment background and technical knowledge they need to help students learn about long-term savings and investing in the classroom is one of the Stock Market Game (SMG) program's most important missions. That is why we provide teacher workshops conveniently located in most states to help teachers gain the knowledge and confidence to help them effectively implement the SMG program.

SMG workshops give teachers basic financial knowledge, an understanding of how to integrate SMG lesson plans into their curriculum and tie them to state standards, and an appreciation of how SMG's easy-to-use student trading platform operates. The workshops enable teachers to guide students as they choose stocks and mutual funds with their hypothetical $100,000, use McGraw-Hill's Math Behind the Market curriculum, and use the SMG to enhance learning in the core subjects of mathematics, social studies, economics, business, and language arts. Workshops can also demonstrate to teachers how the SMG helps foster cooperation, communication, and negotiation skills among their students.

So if you're a teacher, go to

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and choose the "How to Register" tab to find your local SMG program and workshop schedule. If you're a parent or you know a teacher who might be interested in the SMG program, let them know about our valuable educational program. Full information is available at the Web site address above

This article was written by a staff member of The Stock Market Game.