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Two Jan. 24 stories,

On Tap Today: American Express, ExxonMobil, A Couple of Bells Report, and

Today's Lockup Expirations: CMDX, DSCM, FREE, CAN, FCOM, LBRT, More, and a Jan. 21 column,

The Goat in the Python, incorrectly reported that


(PRFT:Nasdaq) IPO lockup expired Jan. 24. In fact, the lockup expires July 27. (

corrected Feb. 11


A Feb. 10 Nothing but Net story,

CMGI's Purchase of uBid Fails to Spark Net Rally, incorrectly reported that

(GO:NYSE) posted a first-quarter loss of 40 cents a share. In fact, posted a pro forma loss of 30 cents a share. (

corrected Feb. 11


The figure listed for released shares of

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(IMGX:Nasdaq) in a

lockup expiration table published on Feb. 9 is now out of date.

On Thursday, Feb. 10,

Chase H&Q

priced a 5 million-share combination offering (4 million by the company, 1 million by selling shareholders) of at $23 per share. These shares began trading Friday morning. The terms of this offering, which was not effective when

Ben Holmes

wrote about Imagex earlier this week, significantly changed the numbers of shares being released from the company's original lockup agreements. According to the final prospectus dated Feb. 10, here are the approximate numbers of shares becoming eligible for sale along with the dates that the restrictions will be lifted. Keep this list handy over the next couple of months.

(updated Feb. 11)

  • Feb. 22 - 3.08 million shares
  • April 2000 - 1.61 million shares
  • May 11 - 7.67 million shares

A Feb. 7 article,

Litton Warns of Lower Earnings, incorrectly reported that the


(BA:NYSE) is the primary contractor for the military's F-22 Raptor project. In fact,

Lockheed Martin

(LMT:NYSE) is the manufacturing contractor. (

corrected Feb. 10


The Feb. 8 Company Report, Surges in Debut; Philip Morris Hacks to Five Year Low, incorrectly reported that

Efficient Networks

(EFNT:Nasdaq) fell 43 1/16, or 43.9%, to 103. In fact, the stock rose 4 5/8, or 4.7%, to 103. (

corrected Feb. 9


The Feb. 8 Invisible Mouth column,

New Era Dilemma: Interpreting the Productivity-Growth Slowdown, mistakenly referred to a 2.7% increase in hours worked for 1999. The correct figure, as reflected in the table, is 1.7%. (

corrected Feb. 8


The Feb. 7 Company Report,

Lucent, Drug Giants and More in Merger Action, incorrectly reported that


(CORL:Nasdaq) fell 1, or 5%, to 19 5/16. In fact, Corel finished the day down 11/16 to 19 5/16.

The story also incorrectly said


(INPR:Nasdaq) lost 1/16 to 13 1/4. In fact, Inprise finished the day up 5/16 to close at 13 1/4. (

corrected Feb. 8


The Feb. 4 Coming Week story,

Strange Days Indeed -- Thinking About Stocks and Bonds, misquoted Larry Rice, chief investment officer at


, as saying he continues "to want to sell the dips." In fact, he said he wants to buy them. (

corrected Feb. 7