A March 3 story,

PC Makers Look a Day Late, Dollar Short in Web-Services Push, mistakenly said


(HP:NYSE) didn't have a server strategy or products. In fact, it manufactures and sells servers under the H-P Unix label.

(corrected March 3)

The March 2 Market Roundup,

The Palm Giveth and the Palm Taketh Away -- IPO Dominates the Nasdaq, incorrectly said


(PALM:Nasdaq) closing price of 95 1/16 gave it a market capitalization of $209 million. In fact, the company had a market cap of $53.4 billion at the close. (

corrected March 2


A March 1 Adam Lashinsky column,

Looking for the Next Cisco, provided the incomplete name and an incorrect symbol for

Alteon WebSystems

TST Recommends

(ATON:Nasdaq). The incomplete name given was Alteon, with the incorrect symbol ALTN.

(corrected March 1)

The Feb. 26 Options Forum,

Wisdom on Spreads of All Kinds, treated the subject of a "calendar spread" incorrectly. The issue has been corrected in the story.

(corrected March 1)

A Feb. 29 Chartist column,

Oversold Readings Aren't Just for the NYSE Anymore, incorrectly reported the

S&P 500's

200-day moving average and its January low. The correct figure in both cases is 1360, not 1460.

(corrected March 1)

A Feb. 29 story,

First Tennessee Loan Woes Spur Talk that Regulators Are Tightening Screws, misspelled the name of a

Warburg Dillon Read

banks analyst. She is Jennifer Thompson, not Jennifer Thomson.

(corrected March 1)