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The Feb. 25 Company Report, Commerce One, Oracle, Automakers Gain on Net Deal, incorrectly reported the session's price action for Sprint (FON:NYSE) in place of that for Sprint PCS (PCS:NYSE). Sprint PCS gained 1 7/8 to 48 1/16, while Sprint lost 15/16 to 58 1/16. ( corrected Feb. 27)

The Feb. 23 Evening Update,

Allied Waste Misses Fourth Quarter Consensus Estimates, and the Feb. 24 Stocks to Watch,

Qualcomm Drops After China Delays Mobile Network Approval, incorrectly reported that each American depositary receipt of

Carrier1 International

(CONE:Nasdaq) is equal to five ordinary shares. In fact, each ordinary share is equal to five ADRs. The story also said there were 9.375 million ADRs in the initial public offering. In fact, there were 9.375 million ordinary shares offered. (

corrected Feb. 27


A Feb. 23 story,

DoubleClick Exec Says Privacy Legislation Needn't Crimp Results, incorrectly said that if people registered by name at


or other sites affiliated with


(DCLK:Nasdaq), DoubleClick could attach that name to information it gathered from different Web sites and from its

Abacus Direct

subsidiary, assuming the person had agreed to the arrangement. In fact, DoubleClick says it won't be collecting such names from all of its sites on behalf of which it sells advertising; rather, it is gathering online registrations only from companies that have agreed to be part of the new Abacus Online Alliance. DoubleClick does not plan to disclose the names of member companies, a spokeswoman says.

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(corrected Feb. 24)

A Feb. 23 story,

Value Managers Eye Credit Card, Drug, Supermarket and Aerospace Stocks, portfolio manager Chuck Carlson notes that


(MRK:NYSE) patent on anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx is set to expire. In fact, Vioxx is a new drug and its patent won't expire for years. (

corrected Feb. 24


A Feb. 24 Under the Hood column,

Tiny Fund Is Reserved in Name Only, incorrectly reports that the

Reserve Informed Investors Growth

fund (RIGAX) owns


(SIEN:Nasdaq). It should have said that the fund owns


(CIEN:Nasdaq). (

corrected Feb. 24


A Jan. 25 column,

VISX: A Hard Look Found the Flaws, incorrectly said that


(VISX:Nasdaq) vision correction laser was still the only one approved by the


for the correction of hyperopia, or farsightedness. In fact,

Summit Technologies'

(BEAM:Nasdaq) laser last October also received FDA approval for the treatment of hyperopia.

(corrected Feb. 24)

A Feb. 22 Taskmaster column, Revisited, incorrectly reported that 6.2 million shares of the company's stock would come out of lockup in mid-March and another 8.3 million would be available in June. The correct lockup expiration dates and amounts are: 3.2 million shares will be unlocked in mid-March, 1.7 million in April, 735,000 in May and 14.2 million in June. (

corrected Feb. 24


A Feb. 23 column,

Chemdex Looks Within for Expansion, misstated


(CSCO:Nasdaq) quarterly revenue. The most recent quarter's figure is $4.35 billion, not $4.35 million as reported. (

corrected Feb. 23