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The Feb. 19

Coming Week incorrectly quoted a description of Washington cited by

President Kennedy

. The city was described as having Northern charm and Southern efficiency, not Southern ingenuity. (

corrected Feb. 21


A Feb. 17

story, Could ECNs Be the Final Nail in Old Wall Street's Coffin?, incorrectly said that Omar Amanat took


"head of programming and head of online trading with him" when he founded discount brokerage firm


. In fact, he founded the company and later recruited Datek's head of online trading and one of the company's lead programmers.

The story also originally said that day trader Kirk Kazazian says he "is averaging a 5% to 10% return on a $500,000 daily account." It should have noted that return is on a daily basis. (

corrected Feb. 18


The Feb. 18 Herb on TheStreet,

Lucky for Arterial Vascular That It Sold to Medtronic When It Did, misstated the subject of an earlier column. The company was

Applied Materials

(AMAT) - Get Free Report

, not

Applied Magnetics

(APM) - Get Free Report

. (

corrected Feb. 18


The Feb. 17

story "Will Free Internet Access Cause Anarchy in the U.K.?" incorrectly stated the price that


paid for

Demon Internet

. The price was $110 million, not 110 million pounds. (

corrected Feb. 17


In the Feb. 10

story "Nike Rediscovers Advertising," certain financial details supplied by


(NKE) - Get Free Report

were inaccurate. Nike spent $314 million on advertising airtime in the year ended in May 1998, not $240 million as was originally reported. It is spending $240 million in the current fiscal year. In addition, Nike's selling, general and administrative expenses equaled $2.6 billion in the fiscal year ended in May 1998, not $2.8 billion as was originally reported. (

corrected Feb. 17


The Feb. 17

Options Buzz incorrectly referred to


(MSFT) - Get Free Report

2000 January 125 puts being in the money. In fact, those options are out of the money. (

corrected Feb. 17


A Feb. 16

Buysider column referred incorrectly to "those old


commercials where everyone stops and cranes their necks just to hear what you have to say." The reference in fact was to

E.F. Hutton

commercials. (

corrected Feb. 17


Because of incorrect information supplied by


(INTU) - Get Free Report

, the Feb. 15

Guide to Online Tax-Filing Sites incorrectly stated the cost of e-filing using Intuit's tax preparation product. The cost for filing a return via WebTurboTax is $14.95 ($9.95 for the EZ form), and state returns are $4.95. Filing is free to taxpayers with adjusted gross incomes under $20,000. To e-file using TurboTax software, the cost is $9.95 for each federal return. Users of the deluxe version can file their first federal return for free. (

corrected Feb. 16