Skip to main content TV's Gregg Greenberg recently reported the Allianz NACM Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund (AOTAX) - Get Virtus AllianzGI Emg Markets Opp A Report has returned an average of 42% annually over the past three years.

13% of the fund's portfolio is in Brazilian stocks.


"Brazil is a good to country

to invest in right now because domestic demand is skyrocketing, interest rates are dropping, the currency is strengthening...

Brazil has good companies exposed to all the trends you see around the world," says Horacio Valeiras, one of the NACM Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund managers.

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Brazilian Stocks Not Slowing Down


Valeiras says commodity companies like



(RIO) - Get Rio Tinto Plc Report


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(PBR) - Get Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.- Petrobras Report

remain Brazil's growth engine.

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Cheap Oil-Services Stocks


Geographically, Brazil is a key source of new demand for deep-water rigs, especially with the recent discoveries in the region. Brazil along with Angola and India are three major developing basins of business for rig companies.

In the past six months, PetroBras has discovered three super-giant oil fields in Brazil's offshore Santos Basin. If the estimates of 33 billion barrels in reserve from Carioca-Sugar Loaf prove correct, then this ranks as the third-largest oil field in the world after Saudi Arabia's Ghawar (66 billion barrels) and Kuwait's Greater Burgan (46 billion barrels). This oil bonanza is in addition to the other two new Brazil finds, Tupi and Jupiter, which are estimated to contain about 6 to 8 billion barrels each.

With these estimates, Brazil may now hold the world's eighth-largest conventional oil reserves. This is a paradigm-changing event. Some

analysts are even speculating that Brazil may potentially join Venezuela and Ecuador as the third South American member of OPEC.

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China Watch: A Sizzling Brazilian Play


Brazilian company Vale, the world's largest producer of iron ore, is actually one stealth China play that you should consider jumping on.

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For more on China, check out "

Investing in China: What You Need to Know



Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Brazil Rocks


According to Cramer, the Brazilian economy has a lot going for it. "Brazil is a country in charge of it's own destiny," he said.

Cramer noted the Brazilian currency, the Real, is one of only a few currencies that's appreciating in value. Even billionaire investor Warren Buffet is long the Real, he noted. Cramer also touted Brazil for its energy independence and abundance of natural resources.

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Emerging Markets Still Show Promise


David Lazenby, portfolio manager of the $560 million

Legg Mason Emerging Markets


fund believes the outsized gains may be over, but there are still solid returns to be had in so-called less-developed countries, primarily due to improved


What is the impact of a slowing U.S. economy on emerging market stocks?

Some emerging-market economies are more tied to the U.S. than others. Certainly export-driven economies in Asia, such as South Korea and Taiwan, are heavily influenced by U.S. growth. Other markets, like Brazil, are less linked to U.S. growth and more linked to strength of commodity demand -- which is more dependent on infrastructure development in the emerging

Our favorite Brazilian stock is


( UBB), which is closing the

return-on-equity gap to the domestic leaders


( ITU) and


(BBD) - Get Banco Bradesco Sa American Depositary Shares Report

but trading at cheaper


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'Fast Money' Recap: Brazil Booming

Chart of the Day February 27

"Fast Money" featured the

iShares MSCI Brazil

(EWZ) - Get iShares MSCI Brazil ETF Report

, due to its 20% one-month run to the upside. Seymour noted that with a budget surplus, Brazil is now a net

creditor to the world. He expected a pullback in the short term but advocated buying for the long term.

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Virginia Tech's $5 Million 'SEED' Scores With Brazilian Stocks


While the stock market may be giving us a rough ride domestically, growth is still a reality in emerging markets like the BRIC countries.

Many of SEED's top performers are foreign companies listed in the U.S. as

ADRs (SEED is only allowed to invest in domestically-traded securities).

In fact, of the group's top five performing holdings, three (Petroleo Brasileiro

Petrobras, Vale and

Companhia de Saneamento Basico


(SBS) - Get Companhia de saneamento Basico Do Estado De Sao Paulo - Sabesp American Depositary Shares (Each repstg 250) Report

) are headquartered in Brazil (the "B" in BRIC).

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