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In the following video, Larsen Kusick offers his take on China-based A-Power (APWR) and other troubled alternative energy stocks that nonetheless remain in his Breakout Stocks portfolio.

Kusick also analyzes solar plays such as

Yingli Green Energy



Trina Solar


, and explains why, when it comes to solar, he prefers

Energy Conversion Devices




China Watch: Don't Give Up on A-Power

(Video, Sept. 15):

Kusick: "There were hopes that they

A-Power would start producing wind turbines in the third quarter. That got pushed back to the fourth quarter because they're having difficulty securing gear boxes -- the little parts they need to start wind turbine production... As long as this company is still on track, we're with it... The main issue right now is you're seeing a collapse in the solar sector along with energy, infrastructure... Everything's tied together... Europe is a major driver of the solar story. If the euro's weak, you've got earnings risk. That's simply what's pushing them

solar stocks down here. Long term, I like the solar sector as a whole, but it just seems like there's too many of these smaller players. And your success in investing in these is a little too dependent on somebody buying them out."

To watch the video, click the player below:

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