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) --Greece might not take the bailout money? Okay, sell everything you've got, including that low-risk

Vanguard Utilities Fund

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Greece is back on board? Very good, then buy

Small Cap Australia


to profit from the

"dollar carry trade."

Investors of all sizes -- individuals, advisers, money managers, hedge funds -- view risk differently in 2011. There's less focus on tolerable loss through diversification and asset allocation; instead, many endeavor to eliminate any and all downside... with questionable results.

Shifting away from a "buy-n-hold-n-hope" world isn't a bad thing. In fact, I built my asset management client base on avoiding catastrophic dot-com losses in the early 2000s, using stop-limit loss orders with exchange-traded index funds. That said, it would not have been possible to envision six-month periods in the markets where major benchmarks closed 2% higher or lower on a daily basis.

Perhaps unfortunately, the level of intra-day volatility neither benefits a "hold-n-hoper" nor an active steward. The few who may benefit from crazy intra-day price movement are those who "day trade." Not all day traders, though. For every prosperous day trader, there are hundreds of gamblers in search of a new game.

What can you do in a world where risk is a light switch in the "on" or "off" position? You can recognize that when the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) is above 25, technical trends reign supreme.

Technically speaking, then, the price of

Vanguard Total Stock Market

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is above its 50-day trendline. It fell below in mid-July; it rose above in early October. And the day-to-day noise has little to say about a current uptrend for U.S. stock assets.

The uptrend for emerging markets may be less impressive, but it exists. The current price of

Vanguard Emerging Markets

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is above its intermediate-term trend as well. (And that means... yes, you may want exposure.)

While stocks have been looking better -- while many risk assets are well above key moving averages (e.g., high yield corporate bonds, REITs, pipeline partnerships, emerging market bonds, etc.) -- there is a critical laggard. Specifically, Commodity ETFs aren't being scooped up.

A commodity break-through would lend support to the notion that a bull market is back. Higher commodity prices would signal greater demand from developed economies as well as the developing world.

However, bearishness still persists.

PowerShares DB Base Metals

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is still 20% below its July 2011 peak. And its not just the metals.

PowerShares DB Agriculture

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is below its 50-day moving average. In fact,

Green Haven Continuous Commodity

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demonstrates that the trend for aggregate commodity prices is down.

While I wouldn't advocate jumping the gun on Commodity ETFs, readers should note that I've been talking about China's resurrection since early October. For instance, the Oct. 13 article on

"China ETFs Trampoline Off the Bottom" makes the case that resource-rich nations that export to China will fare particularly well when China eases monetary-fiscal policy. Resource-rich Country ETFs that have eclipsed 50-day trendlines include

iShares MSCI Australia Index

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iShares MSCI South Africa Index

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Nevertheless, Commodity ETFs will need to join the uptrends soon. Otherwise, skepticism about the sustainability of current bullishness is likely to creep back into the picture.

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