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The following are the latest video takes on how to invest in China.

Make Way for Latin America

Umar interviews Standard & Poor's equity strategist Alec Young, who says Latin America -- not China -- is the hottest emerging market in town.


in China is really getting out of control - it's running over 8%," says Young. "The momentum seems to be on the down side for all the China-related stocks... You want to try to view the current volatility as an opportunity. As a lot of these ETFs and funds that track China

such as the

iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index Fund

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start coming down over the next weeks and months, it's an opportunity for longer term investors to put some money to work."

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Try on Tiffany

After releasing surprisingly strong numbers,


(TIF) - Get Report

reports strong Asian growth, making it a China play worth considering.

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Miner League Champions

Bucyrus International



Joy Global


are quite the duopoly, says Schultz, who recommends these coal and China plays for your portfolio.

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Mail Bag: What's Up With Gushan?

After the stock dropped 26% in two weeks, one reader wants to know what's going on with

Gushan Environmental Energy



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Steer Clear of Telecom

After the recent telecom shakeup in Beijing, stocks in the sector have fallen dramatically, and Patrick Schultz warns investors to avoid this sector for the time being.

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Don't Plant Cash in AgFeed Yet



is a controversial stock in the popular agriculture sector, and though it's experiencing big growth, Schultz says it's best to hold off for at least another quarter.

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Mail Bag: Is TBSI Ship-Shape?

One reader asks for the scoop on

TBS International


, and if it matches up to other shipping stocks recently discussed on China Watch.

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