NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- After some initial jitters just before the first presidential debate, the U.S. stock market has appeared to calm down somewhat about next Tuesday's presidential election.

Though nothing is certain until election day, the national polling consensus has Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton ahead.

Even if Republican candidate Donald Trump ultimately pulls an upset, the market and economy may not be rattled too much, Chase Chief Economist Anthony Chan told CNBC on "Squawk on the Street" Monday.

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"[To shake up the economy,] I think we would have to have a candidate come in and basically spew even more messages of uncertainty," Chan said. "Irrespective of who gets elected, if the candidate basically calms Wall Street down and says 'Even though I appeared to offer some uncertainty, there's going to be less uncertainty out there,' whether it's a Democrat or a Republican. That would calm me down."

If uncertainty becomes a selling point for either candidate if they become elected, trouble spots could arise, Chan argued.

"If you get a candidate out there that advertises uncertainty and is proud of uncertainty, that would be a big concern," he said.