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Dec. 20-26

<I>TSC</I> corrects its mistakes.
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A Dec. 21 Adam Lashinsky column,

A Bag Half-Full, incorrectly said


(WBVN:Nasdaq) will open for business in seven additional cities in 2002. In fact, the company plans to add seven additional cities in 2001. (

corrected Dec. 22


A Dec. 22 Silicon Babylon column,

As Chevron Lowers Its Y2K Bar, Analysts Worry, mistakenly switched the titles on two charts on Y2K spending projections and actual expenditures for


(CHV:NYSE) and


. They have been corrected. (

corrected Dec. 22


A chart in a Dec. 21 story,

Viewpoint: Tracking Stocks Are No Substitute for the Real Thing, incorrectly indicated that

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(PKI:NYSE) is the parent company of tracking stocks

PE Biosystems

(PEB:NYSE) and

Celera Genomics

(CRA:NYSE). In fact, the parent company is

PE Corp.


corrected Dec. 22


A Dec. 21 story,

Expectations Build for Tellabs Acquisition, incorrectly quoted

Soundview Technology Group

analyst Chandan Sarkar about a possible


(TLAB:Nasdaq) merger with

Newbridge Networks

(NN:NYSE). Sarkar was misquoted as saying: "Given how badly the Street would massacre

Newbridge's stock, I don't think

Newbridge would have the gumption to try."

In fact, Sarkar said, "Given how badly the Street would massacre

Tellabs' stock, I don't think

Tellabs would have the gumption to try." (

corrected Dec. 22


A Dec. 22 Adam Lashinsky column,

Target Practice in the B2B Market, incorrectly said that

Commerce One

(CMRC:Nasdaq) has posted trailing-12-month revenue of $218 million. In fact, that figure should be $18 million. (

corrected Dec. 22


A Dec. 20 story,

ISP Has Main Street's Respect, Lacks Wall Street's, incorrectly reported that

(ONEM:Nasdaq) posted earnings of 90 cents a share in the June quarter and $1.12 a share in the September quarter. It should have said losses per share.

(corrected Dec. 20)

A Dec. 18 story,

The Coming Week in Asia: Macau Reverts to Chinese Rule, incorrectly said the Portuguese were spending the equivalent of about $800,000 for each year they ruled Macau on the ceremonies celebrating Macau's handover to Chinese rule. In fact, they spent about $80,000 for each year.

(corrected Dec. 20)

The Dec. 17 Portfolio Manager's Toolbox column,

Stars, Dogs, Cash Cows and Problem Children: What's in Your Portfolio?, incorrectly reported that cash flow for

General Motors

(GM:NYSE) is negative. In fact, GM's cash flow is positive. (

corrected Dec. 20