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Here we go again. The firms couldn't even wait until Tuesday.

Vulcan Materials

(VMC) - Get Vulcan Materials Company Report

put its huge market cap to work -- what a stock this has been -- to buy

Florida Rock

( FRK), making Vulcan truly a national powerhouse for aggregates.

And we got the long-doubted-but-simply-had-to-occur-to-stay-alive


(SIRI) - Get Sirius XM Holdings, Inc. Report





Once again, I am struck by how much money is being made in this period.

Florida Rock was another one of these stocks that no one cared about until Tuesday: 17% grower -- road infrastructure has been a great business -- at 14 times earnings. It's just too attractive for Vulcan to pass up.

Plus, you have to admit that it was a no-brainer in the end for XM and Sirius to get together, although by the time they did, they had lost so much money that the combo may not go as high as it would have a year ago when Sirius first took the lead over XM.

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I think these deals are being motivated by the coming of the Democrats. I believe that in the next year, we will see a wave of anticompetitive deals like these -- and both of these are viciously anticompetitive and anticonsumer (taxes go up because the raised price of aggregate) -- all because the Democrats would never let them happen.

You cannot let the bears, with their subprime harangues, drive you out of this market. It is just too good. There are too many ways to win.

Yes, I am an unqualified bull. But think about it like this: You are already well on your way to a record year for 2007.

I think it could happen.

Random musings:



( SHPGY) could wait! Until


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