A Russian giveth and another Russian taketh away.

As a result, you may want to hold off on any continental trips to see


, since the dollar lost ground against


currency we're tracking today. In fact, just go to a theater around the corner.

Over the weekend, the Russian Finance Minister sent the dollar surging after he essentially

gave the greenback a pat on the back while the world was watching.

But today, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev muddied the message coming from Moscow, reiterating his want to see an alternative currency reserve and sending investors flocking away from the buck.

"No currency system can be successful if we have financial instruments denominated in just one currency," Medvedev said at a regional summit on Tuesday, according to

The Associated Press


Medvedev's economic adviser piled on by saying that Russia might just move its currency reserves into bonds from Brazil, China or India.

With words like "supranational currency" buzzing about, here's how those ticket prices broke down today...

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