Investors saw the dollar weaken against a slew of currencies today since our last update.

And China didn't do the greenback any favors on Friday. As it's done in the past, the government's central bankers offered a familiar refrain: currency reserve diversification is needed to reduce the dollar's stranglehold on the global economic system.

Also, reports are circulating that investors digested the announcement of the Fed's non-news from Wednesday and began shifting assets away from the safe confines of the dollar and into riskier investments.

In Multiplex Index news, thanks to the dollar's slide against most of the majors, a trip to Southeast Asia is looking like the least worst of all worlds. While escaping the country, escaping the onslaught of giant robots and the coming barrage of a certain teenage wizard may be in order too. So, taking in Sam Raimi's

Drag Me To Hell

on the dollar's slide in Singapore is looking like the more appetizing choice.

Just stay away from London, Tokyo or Madrid today. Each locale saw the buck get dragged down a little more than comfortable, much like the young, cursed loan officer in the movie (and, really, who hasn't wanted to get a gypsy to curse a home loan officer recently).

Plus, those ticket prices can't compare to the bargain-basement prices in Singapore. There, you might have enough left over to buy an extra ticket for someone else... or just sprawl out.

Here's a breakdown of today's ticket prices, reflecting changes since yesterday's update...

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