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Multiplex Index: Dollar's "High Five!" Edition

The dollar and yen strengthen, while the euro falls.
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Did you hear that? That was the sound of expensive loafers stampeding the ground as investors fled back to safer territory -- namely, the greenback and yen.

According to reports, many investors are looking ahead and seeing some disappointing earnings coming down the pike. As a result, the dollar has strengthened since our last Multiplex Index check-up.


Dollar Index

was up 0.6% by the early afternoon.

PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish

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was also gaining 0.4%.

PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bearish

(UDN) - Get Report

was slipping 0.6%.

The euro also took a dive against most of the majors.


reported that investors were worried about reports from the German economic newspaper


that said the International Monetary Fund had received requests from several economically distressed Eastern European locales for billions in aid.

CurrencyShares Euro

(FXE) - Get Report

was down 0.7%.

Because of the dollar's moves since our last update, it's now time to brush up on your Spanish, at least according to the Multiplex Index. And just in time.


opens this weekend, meaning the introduction of a whole new lexicon of Sacha Baron Cohen catchphrases for the world to latch onto and use ad nauseum.

If anyone enthusiastically repeats said catchphrases from the film as you're leaving that theater in Madrid, just play along and smile. Better yet, forget that bit about learning Spanish.

Here are the ticket prices today...

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