If Tuesday night is date night, you probably can't go wrong with

The Proposal

. Women seem to love it. Guys seems capable of tolerating it. It topped the weekend box office in North America, bringing in an estimated $34.1 million.

But you


go wrong by seeing the flick in Tokyo, where the yen rose on the dollar, driving the relative cost of a ticket up since yesterday.

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The yen, along with the dollar, typically benefits as a safe haven currency during a time of economic turbulence. Economic storm clouds took over stock and commodities markets Monday following the World Bank's dreary global economic forecast.

But it's probably not worth it right now to convert your greenbacks to euros in Madrid or to Singapore dollars in Singapore, either. The euro, in particular, advanced on the U.S. currency following Monday's slide and just ahead of the Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee meeting beginning Tuesday.

In fact, the best place to see Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Betty White (in her post-

Golden Girl

renaissance) on Tuesday may just be London's West End, as the British pound weakened across a broad range of currencies.

With that, here are today's movie-ticket prices, reflecting currency changes since yesterday's post...

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