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By Mohammed Isah of

A second week of gains saw the euro/dollar pair wipe out its corrective losses and break through 1.4844 to print a new high of 1.4968, its highest level since Sept. 22, 2008. The challenge now is how the euro reacts as it approaches the important psychological level of 1.5000.

We believe this should pose a threat at first (as evidenced by its Friday price failure at 1.4968), which could trigger another correction. However, if the pair does manage to break through 1.5000, we could witness a run on the 1.5082 level, the Aug. 10, 2008 high, and then the 1.5283 level, the May 4, 2008 low. The weekly RSI is bullish and trending higher, suggesting further upside.

Conversely, if the pair's price failure at the 1.4968 level builds more downside strength next week, risk should shape up toward the 1.4843/42 level, its Sept. 23, 2009 high/Oct. 15, 2009 low. That level is expected to fence off the bears and turn the pair back up, but if it fails to hold, the pair could see further declines toward its Oct. 12, 2009 low of 1.4672. A violation of that level would then pave the way for further downside pressure toward 1.4479, the Oct. 2 2009 low, and then its MT rising trendline, which is currently at 1.4432. On the whole, the euro retains its broader medium-term uptrend but faces the risk of a correction as it approaches the psychological level of 1.5000.

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