As interest in eSports continues to grow, it is no surprise to see one online betting platforms are using the latest blockchain technology and opting to raise money through crypto.

Gimli is a platform in the eSports betting market and claims to be revolutionary by bringing about a new kind of model and experience. The platform is fully built on the Ethereum blockchain and says it's "transparent" - as opposed to other platforms. 

Dan Biton, cofounder of Gimli, explains gamers today are on the verge of being considered on par with sports player celebrity status.

Previously the eSports betting market was almost non existent and plagued by scams and scandals. He highlights the National Football League (NFL) betting market is close to $100 billion, and Biton claims there are more eSports fans than NFL fans in the world and it will grow exponentially.

Biton believes eSports is not a niche anymore, and that mindset leads the way for so many new ideas to thrive. "Existing wagering sites fail to innovate and provide very few added value," he added.

So how will this new eSports platform benefit the gambling community?

"As opposed to all other platforms, Gimli is a betting service provided to the streamers, casters and pro gamers,"Biton said." They benefit from a cut of the bets. They also animate the service, in a more entertaining way, increasing drastically engagement from viewers." 

Another question: by adopting new blockchain technology, how will this change and disrupt the gaming world?

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"Gamers are very tech-savvy and adopt new technologies very carefully," Biton said. "Scams on skins betting sites in the past years made it even more complicated. Gimli relies heavily on the blockchain to ensure transparency and provide a decentralized hack free environment to users."

Although Gimli is claiming it is disrupting the gaming world, it is not the first platform to adopt the latest innovative technology. Last week eSports firm Unikrn announced it will sell $100 million in cryptocurrency in September. 

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The Wall Street Journalrecently reported that Nielsen Holdings PLC said it began measuring the financial value of sponsoring vide ogame competitions and teams, the latest sign of the rising interest in eSports. 

"eSports has experienced massive global growth over the past few years with major investment from blue chip sponsors, game publishers and media companies, as well as sports leagues and teams," Nielsen Holdings PLC said in a statement. "The eSports fan base is also rapidly expanding with nearly one in three fans beginning to follow eSports just within the past year, according to new Nielsen eSports research." 

Gimli is also planning to a token sale later this year.

"We're currently planning a token sale, and a pre-sale beginning of September," Biton said.

The public token sale will start September 16, at a rate of 1ETH = 700GIM.

Early birds catch bonuses," he added.

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