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Is this the anti-Bill Gross rally? The rally that says that Bill Gross, who turned bearish after being the biggest bull, didn't merit another 100 points down, and we are making that back.


It's a powerful rally. I know that I wanted another down day. We have not gotten it. Sometimes you just don't get what you want.

My take is, again, that I would like to sell into this rally.

I have, though, checked in with all my usual sources, and everyone is of the same mindset -- it needs to go lower.

Maybe that's why I might be wrong, because we all feel that way.

I have bought only a few stocks here for

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Maybe I should have been more aggressive, but without a price break further than we have, I can't take action.

What ignited things?


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winning a lawsuit;

U.S. Steel

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running. Both good news. Need more.

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