NEW YORK (TheStreet) --Cowen Group managing director and head of equity sales David Seaburg joined CNBC's "Closing Bell" on Wednesday after the close to provide recommendations to investors.

"I'm constructive still on biotech, I think the sectors, like biotech, have longer-term growth perspectives and I think the M&A continues to accelerate," Seaburg said.

Additionally, Seaburg likes the financials as well and believes investors should maintain ownership of the banks into the possibility of a rate sentiment.

Seaburg concluded by explaining why, even in the face of uncertain policies, he recommends biotech stocks.

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"I think you buy the pullbacks. The political pressure, from the standpoint of drug pricing, is getting more understood. There's a lot of 'underweights' in investor's portfolios because I think they want to own these names from a growth perspective and because the M&A cycle is going to continue to accelerate," Seaburg explained.

Investors are looking at good values and decent returns regarding the biotech stocks, Seaburg noted.