President Donald Trump at a Monday news conference responded to the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities, saying among other things that "oil prices haven't risen very much" and the U.S. could tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

That reserve is "massive, and we can release a little bit of that. And other countries including Bahrain can be a little more generous with the oil and you'd bring it down, so that's not a problem," he said. "It went up $5 and that is not a problem."

The president, speaking at a news conference with the crown prince of Bahrain, said Iran appeared to be behind the attack on the Saudi oil facilities but the government still needed to find out definitively who was behind it.

"It's certainly looking that way," the president said in response to a question about whether Iran attacked a Saudi oil complex. "As soon as we find out definitively, we'll let you know."

The president noted that the U.S. government has ramped up defense spending and could respond with a much stronger attack if it became necessary. But he also said that "I don't want war with anybody."

"We have a lot of options but I'm not looking at options right now. We want to find definitively who did this," he said.

He said he would consult with Saudi Arabia and that country's neighbors, including the United Arab Emirates, and with Europe.

"That was a very large attack it could be met with an attack many many times larger very easily by our country, Trump said. "But we're going to find out who definitively did it first."

He noted that the American government has placed what he called "massive" conditional sanctions on Iran and said "they are not going to be taken off." He said Iran "has a tremendous future but not the way they're behaving."